Eileen Evind,

Eileen Evind, LCSW

Meet Eileen, a compassionate Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who is dedicated to serving the Native American community. With a strong belief in providing high-quality, culturally competent care, Eileen strives to address the needs of individuals who have historically faced limited access to essential services. She specializes in trauma-focused psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy for young children (ages 0-5), play therapy for children (ages 5-12), attachment-based therapy, and identity development. In her patient-provider relationships, Eileen places great emphasis on safety and trust as essential elements for progress towards desired goals.

Beyond her profession, Eileen finds joy in spending time in nature, traveling, connecting with friends and family, and attending live music events. Given her ancestral roots, she holds a special connection to Ireland and Norway, which she plans to visit in the future. Eileen values authenticity and strives to be her true self in all interactions. Her genuine desire is to create a safe space where patients can also feel comfortable being their authentic selves.

Eileen, whose name has Irish and Norwegian origins, is committed to providing patient-centered care with cultural sensitivity. She welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and aims to support their healing journey while ensuring a trusted therapeutic relationship.