Susan Guerrero, PsyD

Susan Guerrero

Growing up and living in San Francisco, Dr. Guerrero has worked in community clinics including Lifelong, Axis Community Health, and West County Health as a psychologist. Before she came a psychologist, she worked as a health educator and HIV testing counselor at Glide Memorial, the Women’s Community Clinic, and Haight Ashbury Free clinic.

Dr. Guerrero greatly enjoys working in public health and serving the community that she lives in. Dr. Guerrero’s career has led her to have lots of exposure and experiences in working with many different people who have experienced trauma in their lifetime. She is a certified EMDR practitioner and enjoys being able to provide this type of therapy to her patients. EMDR is an eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy that is used to treat mental health conditions that stem from memories of past traumatic events and is best known for its role in treating PTSD.

One of Dr. Guerrero’s greatest values in her work is creating a trusting and safe environment for her patients. She believes that her patients should feel safe coming to their healthcare providers and feel supported and respected no matter what they are coming in for.

Outside of work, Dr. Guerrero enjoys sewing quilts, going on hikes with my friends, and live theatre. She has even worked for state parks in the past and lived on Angel Island. You might run into her at the Berkely Repertory Theatre – where she has been a ticket holder for 17 years!