John Barbour,

John Barbour

John is an experienced provider specializing in trauma-focused care and delighted to be part of SCIHP's Behavioral Health Department. He was drawn to this clinic by stories shared by a former coworker who also came to work for SCIHP. When offered a tour of the facility by the Behavioral Health Director, John instantly felt the positive and welcoming atmosphere, confirming his decision to join.

With a focus on trauma-informed care, John believes that trust, guided by love, is the key to authentic healing in a provider-patient relationship. He understands that without a strong foundation of trust, true progress is difficult to achieve. John is passionate about creating a safe and supportive space where patients can explore and understand themselves better.

Outside of work, John finds joy in playing drums, chanting, and anything related to water. He also has an interesting hobby as a percussionist in a local rock band.

John wants his patients to know that their safety and privacy are of utmost importance. He is committed to providing loving care and focused attention, helping patients uncover hidden aspects of themselves and facilitating their healing journey. With John's guidance, patients can expect a compassionate and transformative experience that encompasses both physical and emotional well-being.