Sally Barbella,
Psych NP

Sally Barbella

Sally is a highly experienced Psych Nurse Practitioner with a BSN from Columbia University, an MSN in Nursing and FNP from the University of Phoenix and post graduate credentials in Psychiatric Mental Health from Cal State Long Beach. She is passionate about Mental Health and has been working in the field of Addiction Medicine since 2007.

When she is not working, Sally enjoys spending quality time with her two grandchildren, Rose, and Charlie. She loves playing My Little Pony with Rose and cars with Charlie, as well as teaching them how to salsa. In her spare time, Sally enjoys growing flowering succulents and sewing baby quilts.

Sally chose to work for SCIHP because of the opportunity to be part of an integrative medical model and to work with a team of providers. She is excited to be able to provide quality care to her patients.