Mark Goodwin, MD, Medical Director

Mark Goodwin, M.D., Medical Director

Introducing Dr. Goodwin, our esteemed Medical Director, who brings over two decades of experience and a strong educational background to his role. He holds an undergraduate degree from Columbia University and earned his medical degree from the State University of New York-Brooklyn. With training in family medicine and emergency medicine, Dr. Goodwin has dedicated much of his career to serving California Area Tribal Health, where he gained valuable expertise. Driven by a desire to lead in a larger Tribal Health clinic providing comprehensive services, Dr. Goodwin was drawn to SCIHP due to its excellent medical care and reputation for innovation and effective management. He specializes in primary care, with a particular focus on pain management and fostering strong clinical team dynamics. In his doctor-patient relationships, Dr. Goodwin emphasizes mutual trust and understanding, recognizing that aligning patient and doctor goals is essential for successful outcomes. Outside of work Dr. Goodwin finds joy in cooking and enjoying the delicious food Sonoma County has to offer. He maintains an active lifestyle through cycling and hiking through the beautiful Sonoma County. Driven by his passion for music, he also dedicates time to playing the guitar. Notably, Dr. Goodwin's experiences extend beyond medicine, as he spent a year and a half on Midway Atoll coordinating emergency services and Medevac for the North Pacific region. As a former multi-sport athlete and coach in football and basketball, Dr. Goodwin values the lessons learned through sports and team building.