Nelson Jim

Behavioral Health Department Director.

Alison Whitemore, MSW

Alison is a Pomo and a member of the Confederated Tribes of Round Valley Reservation. She has worked in the field of counseling and social work for almost twenty years receiving a Bachelors degree in Social Work with a minor in Human Sexuality studies from San Francisco State University. She continued her work in family systems counseling focusing on substance use, mental health wellness and healing. She received a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Washington. After graduate school, she worked at the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center, partnering with communities throughout the country to build sexual and drug health programs tailored to their unique culture, needs, strengths, and sovereignty. Concurrently, Ms. Whitemore served on the Native American AIDS Project's Board of Directors and as a volunteer counselor.

She was hired at SCIHP in 2007 and currently provides counseling services to individuals, children and families to promote healing, reduce stressful emotional and behavioral symptoms, and to lessen the effects of historical trauma and institutionalized oppression. Her specific interest and experience is in promoting the health and wellness of Native communities. She takes a family focus in her work moving through trauma, integrating identity, creating acceptance and peace while reaching for culture and spirit as a way to live well. In concert with SCIHP's tribes, staff, and community partners, she is determined to continue building indigenous models of emotional health rooted in culture and de-colonization. Alison is amazed by the strength, beauty and resilience of our community members and hopes to continue to be of service for years to come.

Jorge Hernandez, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

He has been a clinical social worker since 1974. He became a licensed clinical social worker in 1978 and has worked with a wide variety of patient populations since then. He has worked in both out-patient and in-patient settings and with all age groups; as well, as with most ethnic groups of various social-economic backgrounds; physically disabled and developmentally disabled, hospice care and also visiting care groups; substance abuse clients and both victims and perpetrators of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse; He has led groups of all ages and types of psychosocial issues and has worked providing psychotherapy-counseling to individuals and families.

He was the director of a foster care agency for about one year and a coordinator for a children’s psychiatric clinic in the Los Angeles Harbor area. He has also worked for the Los Angeles unified school district for 8 years, while there he provided counseling and therapy to middle school students in both individual and group settings. He has provided therapy in Spanish and Italian.

Jorge has lived in California all of my life and he began serving at SCIHP in 2004. He has been providing both Individual and family counseling at Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Inc. He adheres to Native ceremonies and spirituality and participates in such ceremonies regularly. He has three college degrees. These include an Associate –Arts, Bachelors, and a Masters of Social Welfare.

He is a family man and a proud Grandfather . His passion has been and is helping people. His native descent is Tarahumara-Raramuri and Apache tribes.