Patient Services

Patient Registration & Services

All new patients meet with the Patient Services Specialist to determine eligibility, and discuss SCIHP services. The Patient Services Specialist is a Covered California Certified Enrollment Counselor who can assist patients to review coverage options. We ask that you arrive an hour before your appointment, to complete the registration process. If you have not been seen by a SCIHP provider within three (3) years, you will be required to re-register. We require a patient registration form be updated annually. If you have moved or changed your telephone number since your last visit, please take the time to notify the department of those changes.

Minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. There are some exceptions, please request a copy of the Consent Requirements for Medical Treatment of Minors from the Receptionist or you may visit for more information. Children must not be left unattended.

Patient Portal

We encourage all patients (new/established) to sign up for SCIHP’s Patient Portal. This gives you easier access to communicate with your medical provider, request medical appointments, refill medications, and view medical lab results.

LUMA Health (Electronic)

Medical, Behavioral Health, and Healthy Traditions patients can access LUMA which will allow you to complete electronic forms, have video visits with a provider, receive SCIHP information, such as community events, special clinic’s, and appointment reminders. In addition, we can offer a wait list option for most of our providers, which can give you an earlier appointment as necessary.

Electronic Health Records

We use a computer to keep track of our patients’ health information. Your health care team member will use the computer to enter the information you provide, review and explain your test results, record your medications and treatment, and share your health information with you. This will provide the most current health information to any SCIHP provider caring for you.

Translation Services

If interpreter services are needed, please contact the department you are scheduled to see.

Advanced Directives

Advanced Directives inform your provider about your wishes regarding medical treatment during a time when you are physically unable to explain those wishes. Advanced Directives fulfill several objectives, such as sharing your choice about the medical treatment you receive and naming another person to make decisions for you, if you become unable to make those decisions yourself.

For more information or for questions, please talk with your Provider.

Mandated Reporting Requirements

Providers are required by law to report all cases of suspected or known child or elder abuse or neglect. Providers are required by law to report all cases of suspected or known domestic violent/assault.

Reproductive Rights for Minors

In accordance with California State law, minors (individuals 12-18 years old) have the right to obtain birth control services, , and sexually transmitted infection/HIV services without parental notification or permission. These services are available through the California Family Planning, Access, Care Treatment (PACT) Program. For prenatal care, minors could apply for Medi-Cal or Covered California by contacting our Patient Services Specialist.

Emergency Care

Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Inc. is not equipped or staffed to treat life-threatening emergencies. Patients who have symptoms of severe shortness of breath, severe chest pain, major trauma or bleeding, should go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room or call 911.


For your convenience, we have available a Medi-Cal Eligibility Worker to assist SCIHP clients with the application and eligibility process for Medi-Cal.

Third Party Billing

SCIHP has established a Third-Party Budget, which are payments for services from third party payers. Most Third-Party funds and services billed and collected are returned to SCIHP to continue providing direct care for our Community.

Patient Charges and Payment of Fees

SCIHP is not a free clinic. Patient may be responsible for fees for services provided by SCIHP. An example of fees: SCIHP is not a full-service lab and some lab work drawn in the clinic may be sent to an outside laboratory. This would be considered an outside service and you may be responsible for the fee. . Please check with your doctor, nurse or laboratory technician to determine if your lab work will be sent out. The patient is responsible for the prompt payment of any fees charged for SCIHP services and the usage of outside facilities. Additionally, SCIHP does not pay for in-patient hospital care.

Billing Payment and Referral

If you have medical or dental coverage, our staff will continue to file claims to your insurance company, Medicaid or Medi-Cal on your behalf, in accordance with the services you received at SCIHP. If you think you may be eligible for Medi-Cal or insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we have staff available to help with the process. In order for SCIHP to maintain our current level of services, it is necessary to file claims with all insurance companies.

For explanations about possible charges or for any questions about your bill, please call the billing department.


SCIHP is a primary care clinic. When a SCIHP physician, dentist, or other authorized provider arranges a referral for outside consultation or service, you may be responsible for all or some of the bill. For more information or for eligibility questions, please contact your insurance company.

To see if you meet the eligibility requirements for Purchased Referred Care, please go to the Purchased Referred Care Services section of this handbook.

Special Community Events

SCIHP has several special community events throughout the year, such as: Native American Graduation Celebration; Native American Veterans Day Celebration; Harvest Fair; Winter Wonderland, etc. For more information contact the administration department.