The department consists of Registered Pharmacists, licensed pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy clerks. The pharmacy utilizes most major prescription insurance programs, as well as, Medi-Cal. SCIHP’s Pharmacy is licensed by the State of California.


The Pharmacy Department offers a broad range of professional services:
  • SCIHP Pharmacy provides computerized pharmacy service including known interaction checking of prescribed drugs, known allergy checking and oral and written consultation.
  • The pharmacy uses automation and quality assurance procedures to provide the best care possible.
  • There is a service charge for most prescriptions.
  • We require the use of all prescription insurance programs, as well as Medi-Cal, by all patients that have them.
  • For non-Indians, if your prescription is not covered by Medi-Cal, you will be charged our normal retail price or your regular insurance co-pay.
Whenever possible, generic drugs will be used.  Under certain circumstances, prescriptions may be called to outside pharmacies for filling. This generally occurs when SCIHP does not stock the product or deems it necessary to call them out. Generally, to have your prescription filled at an outside pharmacy, the patient must be Contract Health eligible, the product must be covered by Medi-Cal, or the patient must be willing to pay out-of-pocket. Our Pharmacists use a computer program to keep track of your prescriptions and check for interactions.  We welcome your questions.  Our pharmacists are available for consultation in person or on the phone during our normal hours of operation.  Detailed medication reviews are available by appointment.


To avoid disrupting your medication use, it is requested that you call for a refill of your prescription(s) at least 48 hours in advance.  You may call (707) 544-2780 for the pharmacy refill line (this is a recording).  For more information, please call the Pharmacy at (707) 521-4585.